Sunday, February 26, 2017

Family day at Tuttletown

 I took the family to Tuttletown yesterday. The weather made it almost mandatory to be outside. They got to see some of the area that they've never ridden before.
Not many better places to be on a spring day like this one, especially with the winter we've had.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

New Shock

I bought a new shock for my Enduro a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately it didn't come with bushings. I bought an Ohlins STX22 used off Ebay. I didn't realize that Ohlins used an odd size bushing, 12mm instead of the standard 12.7mm. After an order to and waiting a week for them to get here from the UK I'm finally in business. 
For the first couple miles I thought my bike was broken. I stopped several times to check if the axles were loose or tires flat. Turns out my Cane Creek shock has been so crappy for so long that I adjusted to fork to compensate for the fact that it wouldn't hold the back end up. I had to add over 20# of air to the fork to get it back up to 30% sag. All of a sudden my bike would steer without tucking the front wheel. I only had a couple hours at Redhills, but so far I'm stoked. Made it up Red nightmare without a dab or pedal strike! Never did that with the old shock. Seems like five to ten pedal strikes a ride were the norm. 

Sunday, February 5, 2017

This week

 I reluctantly revisited Parrots Ferry Wednesday night because of an invite from Joe. So glad I did. we found a new trail that completely changed my outlook on the area. As you can see we also rode down in the dark, witch just made it awesome. Jordan is always smiling.   
 It's really hard to hold still enough to get a good picture when its this dark.
 Really hard! Had a blast, Thanks Joe for the invite. That ride was the perfect mid week fix.
 My Enduro stayed still for the camera. Parrots Ferry is definitely big bike territory. It's the only place around here that you can get a dose of DH right now. I was also finally able to try out the Gloworm XS light I got for Christmas. 2500 lumins is pretty freakin cool. Need a longer ride to get a better impression but so far, WOW.  
 Joe and I hit up Redhills early this morning. It was pretty cold at 7 but by the time we got to the back it was time to roll down the window and cool off.

 Water fall is still so much fun.
Good thing my camera is waterproof!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Red Hills

 I took Gage to Red hills for the first time last week. I've been avoiding taking any of the family down there because it can be very exhausting and not a lot of fun for people who aren't ready for that kind of suffering. But the weather was way to nice to pass up, besides he has to ride there eventually. 
 You can tell by the look on his face what he was thinking of Red Hills by this point. Not a happy camper!
 He was so angry that he didn't even enjoy Waterfall, my personal favorite trail there. I guess its an acquired taste. He shouldn't feel too bad I take Sean there every year and every year he swears he'll never ride there again.
 Lucas and I went back Saturday. Unfortunately I think this whole next season is going to look a lot like this. I did get Lucas to model my new hand powered chainsaw though.  I think your supposed to show it cutting wood not as a scarf, just saying.
After. That little saw works like a charm. I hope that we can get everyone doing a little maintenance on every ride. It would make the spring cleanup so much easier. Also in situation like this one it keeps people from routing the trail around the main line and potentially drawing attention from the eco warriors. Awesome ride overall. Couldn't ask for nicer weather.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Starting off the new year right!

 New Years Day! Had to start out with a ride. Snow or no snow. We decided to climb Lightning and descend the Dam trail.  I actually got Brent out is the cold wet trails. He had to admit he had fun.
 Brent brought Scott and his wife Lisa. They were loving riding new trails even if parts were covered in snow. Honestly I loved riding down in the snow. It wasn't that hard to stay on the trail. Climbing in the snow was very tiring though.
Definitely lots of foot work to stay upright. Lisa was a trooper though, I don't think she complained once.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Just like old times

I managed to steal Bobby away from his family on his last day in California. We took advantage of the great weather at Red Hills. It was lots of fun riding and talking with Bobby. Half way through the ride I realized our conversations were like he never left. I couldn't even guess how many hours we have talked about tires and wheel sizes and every other part that must be making us slower over the years. Have fun is the Islands "Loafer".

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Making the best of the weather

 This last week the weather has been more like a normal winter. Everybody is freaking out. I took the opportunity to ride Grant ridge to Columbia on my single speed. Only had snow on the first couple miles. Didn't see a single person until after Italian Bar. 
 Friday was the first "Official" running of the Red Hills Rumble. Every year before this it has been illegal  because it's an organized event. A huge thanks to Jeff and his wife for jumping through the hoops and buying insurance to make it legit. I just wish more riders would have braved the weather.
 This is Crista Smith, she took first place. I officially got chicked. She beat me by one second. I can't complain she is really fast and has dropped me in longer races before. Congratulations Crista!
I gave Jeanie her Christmas present early this year. She's both stoked and bummed. She loved her old Knolly Endorphin. Unfortunately her frame was cracked. Knolly was nice enough to take $500 off a new frame even though we weren't the original buyers and the bike was from 2007. Now we have to start scrounging up parts. The new frame is 27.5 so of course none of the major parts are interchangeable. Have you ever seen a cooler Christmas ornament?