Saturday, January 7, 2017

Starting off the new year right!

 New Years Day! Had to start out with a ride. Snow or no snow. We decided to climb Lightning and descend the Dam trail.  I actually got Brent out is the cold wet trails. He had to admit he had fun.
 Brent brought Scott and his wife Lisa. They were loving riding new trails even if parts were covered in snow. Honestly I loved riding down in the snow. It wasn't that hard to stay on the trail. Climbing in the snow was very tiring though.
Definitely lots of foot work to stay upright. Lisa was a trooper though, I don't think she complained once.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Just like old times

I managed to steal Bobby away from his family on his last day in California. We took advantage of the great weather at Red Hills. It was lots of fun riding and talking with Bobby. Half way through the ride I realized our conversations were like he never left. I couldn't even guess how many hours we have talked about tires and wheel sizes and every other part that must be making us slower over the years. Have fun is the Islands "Loafer".

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Making the best of the weather

 This last week the weather has been more like a normal winter. Everybody is freaking out. I took the opportunity to ride Grant ridge to Columbia on my single speed. Only had snow on the first couple miles. Didn't see a single person until after Italian Bar. 
 Friday was the first "Official" running of the Red Hills Rumble. Every year before this it has been illegal  because it's an organized event. A huge thanks to Jeff and his wife for jumping through the hoops and buying insurance to make it legit. I just wish more riders would have braved the weather.
 This is Crista Smith, she took first place. I officially got chicked. She beat me by one second. I can't complain she is really fast and has dropped me in longer races before. Congratulations Crista!
I gave Jeanie her Christmas present early this year. She's both stoked and bummed. She loved her old Knolly Endorphin. Unfortunately her frame was cracked. Knolly was nice enough to take $500 off a new frame even though we weren't the original buyers and the bike was from 2007. Now we have to start scrounging up parts. The new frame is 27.5 so of course none of the major parts are interchangeable. Have you ever seen a cooler Christmas ornament?

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Gore Tex

First headlight now Gore Tex. It's definitely not summer any more. Most people I know wont go out when the conditions are crap. There missing out. The dirt was super tacky and even though I got rained on almost the whole ride it wasn't really muddy yet. Katie of course doesn't care what the weather is doing as long as she gets to go.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Time Change

The only thing that makes the time change tolerable is the the ability to get in some night riding and still make it home in time for diner. I squeezed in a Lightning/Dam run after work on Monday. The conditions were perfect. It was a little scary because when the terrain got bouncy my headlight kind of strobed. I though it was a mounting issue, now I think it wasn't screwed together all the way. Hand held flash lights aren't really made for that kind of duty. You should ride at night at least once a year. It is amazing how trails that you ride every week can be a whole new experience. And yes a new bike light is at the top of my Christmas list.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Family fun

 Last Friday we did the 3rd Cornerstone Christian mountain bike field trip. This time we went to the Tuttletown trail system. we had a great showing. In fact we ran out of bikes and helmets.
 Up hill conga style
 Brent got stuck running sweep.
 Tuttletown ended up working perfect because we were able to split into two different groups. The younger kids found a great paved loop they could race each other on and the bigger kids got to work on some skills in the switch backs. 
 We had a few people hit the ground but everybody had a great time.
 After his first ride here I think I finally convinced Brent to get a hardtail.
 I can't think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than shuttling PCP with the whole family.
 This was Ashton's first time down anything this technical. He did really well.
 Poor Jeanie had to ride Gage's Bullit because the frame on her Knolly is cracked.
 I told him the actual line is about where his right foot is.
 He had fun I promise!
 Jeanie didn't get along with the Bullit. I believe she actually spanked it at one point.
 They couldn't resist a trail side teepee.
 Gage sessioned the log ride until he had it wired. 
I think he actually rode six or seven times. Awesome Sunday afternoon!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

More Bell Mt.

 I took the family up the back side of Bell Mt. to pick Elderberries. We ended up with over 49pounds!  My wife was nice enough to drop Gage and I off at the top and pick us up at the bottom. It is definitely not an easy shuttle but I couldn't resist sense we were already going up there.
 We were a little concerned about Gage riding something this gnarly, but he surprised me several times. 
I think the grin tells the whole story. 

 I'm pretty sure there is more granite than dirt on this trail.
 Gage loved every bit of it. I think he could probably handle just about any downhill we have now. I just need to build up his strength so I can get him farther out in the woods.
 I get so obsessed with the trails up the hill that sometimes I forget how awesome my back yard is. Brent and I rode from our house up to Pinball. Great ride and only 2.5 hrs from my front door and back. Most people can't even keep there drive time under that for a trail this awesome.
Katie was jonesing for a ride too.