Friday, May 15, 2015

Round Two

 Sean and I are racing the Lost And Found on the 30th. We're doing the 100 mile version, so my focus has been on distance the last couple of weeks. After Lucas and I checked out the route last week I was eager to show Sean. Looks like 46 miles and 5400 ft of gain. The best part about this loop is it is mostly down hill to my house at the end.
 The knight fire is incredible. There is no way to get a picture and do it justice. 
It's hard to imagine it being colder than last Friday but it was, by a lot! We had a great ride and both agreed it is great training ride. Lucas mysteriously was absent from this ride. I'm not sure he will ever show up to any ride I refer to as a grinder again. This photo was approximately 30 seconds before two pints of Fort George epic IPA were enjoyed. Thanks for the beer Sean. 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Kicking off May

 The first ride I did this month was in Deer Creek. I spotted these bird on the very bottom of Pinball. You can't see the others in the photo but there was at least 5 other birds swooping around this one.
 I talked Tom into riding somewhere other than Red Hills. We did the Sand Bar loop. If you didn't have to drive to the bottom of the canyon I think this would be one of the best rides up here.
 The boy's and I raced the Nevada City dirt classic. I think Gage was tired.
 I rode the single speed. 
 I took Lucas on a dirt road ride. He still looks happy here.
 We rode through the Knight fire. The scenery was amazing. He looks sort of happy, doesn't totally hate me yet.
 The weather kept getting colder on us. I think he hates me now.
 Even the bears were out playing in the snow.
 Ashton was happy to finnish his race. We forgot to rase his seat after playing at Exchequer so he was struggling the whole time.
They say it's lonely at the top, but it's really lonely when no one else is in your calss. Oh well I got first. If I would have raced my age class I still would have made the podium so I'm ok with that.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Sea Otter

Sea Otter time again.
 I don't think Ashton was happy about the start time or the temperature.
 Sean and I raced the XC on the last day
 Ashton won his kids race.
 Gage was second in his.
 The kids had a ball, literally!
 Free T shirts!
 Breanna and Gage both raced the downhill on Saturday.
 I want to see this guy race in that thing.
 They really do a lot for kids.
 Almost 4000 racers took off from that line Sunday.
 The Tebbs killing it for second place.
Sea Otter is a lot for everyone.

Monday, April 13, 2015


 I heard a rumor that there was a mountain bike park at Lake McClure near Exchequer Dam. I thought if they put in trails they would be similar to the XC trails near New Malones. So I took the wife and kids with their XC bikes and headed out there.
 The trails immediately informed me that they were  cut a little more serious. Butt you can see on Ashton's face it's all fun.  

 The park is so new that we found ourselves following flags where trails will be.
 Looks like a pretty serious jump to me.
 The view from the top makes the climb totally worth it. Then the descent starts and it's all grins. 
Jeanie would have been much happier if I let her bring her big bike, next time. The only compliant I have is the place is so new that we have to wait until it's complete to enjoy the 60 miles of single track they have planned. The guys running the park are looking for votes to win $100,000 from Bell helmets to further their trail construction. I am definitely giving them my vote. This place is the most aggressive trail system we have available in the lower elevation. Check out and give them your vote too. 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Playing local

 I took Gage out for a ride from the house today. We are lucky most people have to drive somewhere to ride mountain bike trails. Gage is riding through a burnt stump. The trail is so cool he doesn't mind the climb.
The reward for all the climbing is of course the down hill. Today was Gage's longest ride yet. He did pretty good.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Up the hill

I hate the fact that we had no winter but I'm going to take advantage of it. The trails in Hearing Creek are starting to open up. 
 I took the Enduro out for a run down Snake dance and PCP lower. I managed to clear the whole thing without a single dab on the first ride of the season! If you get the chance to demo an Enduro 29er I highly suggest you do so.  I found this white stuff and had to take a picture so people will believe me that it does snow here.
Lucas and I went up today and did a full run on PCP. Still one of my favorite trails anywhere. What a great ride. There was snow on the climb but the down was mostly clear. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Great rides

 I went to Portland for the weekend and of course I had to take bikes. I talked my brother in law into riding Sandy ridge with me. 
 Even though it rained the whole night before and wile we were climbing the trails were perfect, very little standing water anywhere.
 The rain forest is so cool.
 At this point Howie decided that the climb was indeed worth it.
 Hard to believe were riding over 6000 ft this time of year. Gage got to ride with the Boy's on Ridge trail.
Yesterday my boy's and I raced the Cool XC.  
 Cool is always a fun day for everyone.
 It's nice that they have a short kids race on a separate trail.
 Lots of standing and grunting on the single speed.
 Wouldn't be the same without the Tebs.
My first trip to the podium. Third place in the Clydesdale class!