Monday, March 23, 2015

Great rides

 I went to Portland for the weekend and of course I had to take bikes. I talked my brother in law into riding Sandy ridge with me. 
 Even though it rained the whole night before and wile we were climbing the trails were perfect, very little standing water anywhere.
 The rain forest is so cool.
 At this point Howie decided that the climb was indeed worth it.
 Hard to believe were riding over 6000 ft this time of year. Gage got to ride with the Boy's on Ridge trail.
Yesterday my boy's and I raced the Cool XC.  
 Cool is always a fun day for everyone.
 It's nice that they have a short kids race on a separate trail.
 Lots of standing and grunting on the single speed.
 Wouldn't be the same without the Tebs.
My first trip to the podium. Third place in the Clydesdale class!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Boy's ride

 I took the boy's out for a ride today. The weather was perfect, again. Ashton pushed his bike down the stairs by himself for the first time.
 Other than the PG&E guys there were no people at the lake.
 Kids always love snack time, especially next to a lake. 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Strange month

 I rode the Grasshopper for the third year in a row. Sean and I talked his wife Amy into doing it too. She bought a new cross bike just for the event. The Grasshopper has become the start of my bike season and always a painful eye-opener on my fitness level. Unfortunately I woke up with a cough but still wanted to race. I ended up at the doctors office and off the bike for over 2 weeks. I hate starting over.
When I finally got better I dragged Brandon off of his couch. Turns out 5years of doing nothing hurts worse than a cold.
Couldn't have hurt too bad, he was back the next Friday. For March the conditions couldn't get any better.

Thursday, January 29, 2015


 Poor Lucas has been the victim of a lot of training rides lately. I think he was relieved to be past all the climbing after a big loop in Deer creek.
 Last night we did a suffer fest after he got off work. Hard to believe it's almost February and we are night riding in short sleeves and shorts.
 Nothing like climbing up massive hills in the dark after working all day. I rewarded him with beer though.
Oakie light mount. Worked awesome!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

December rides

 I started out taking my Mom and the rest of the family to Tuttle town for a little xc while the weather was nice. My Mom was excited to finish a ride without crashing.
 The boys were stoked to finally get there new bikes out on some trails.
 Today was the Red Hills Rumble, an un official sort of race. 
 I think overall I got third but it was really hard to figure out the scoring so Dave ended up on the "Podium".
 Rock Podium. Great turn out, good food, fun ride what more could you ask for? 
It's not named Red Hills for nothing. This Enduro is an amazing machine. It never seams to be the wrong bike for the ride.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Gore tex time

 Sean and I went to Auburn in the middle of the pouring rain. Not well planned but it was the time we had. It ended up being a great ride.
No other bikes on the trail.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Winter's not here yet

Lucas said he had group that  wanted to go up the hill. It didn't sound like a good idea after the snow but you never know until you try. There was a couple scary moments on the bonus trail with some ice on the granite but otherwise a perfect day to ride. 
 We ended up with a good group that was actually fairly close in ability. L to R Mark, Me, Lucas, Josh, Zack, Todd, and Dave took this picture.
Second run started down Willow. Other than the ice on the creek crossing the snow was a blast to ride in.