Sunday, October 9, 2016

Big descent

 Today I wanted to get the max descent I could in one run. Lucas and I started at Gargoyles and climbed to the top of Sunrise. Then it was back up to Avalanche to Dome to lower PCP. Normally that alone would be a pretty good day, in fact Lucas had enough. So I rode Southfork to the top of Spring Gap.
 My family met me there and Gage got to ride his new Trek down to Sandbar flat. He is loving the 29 inch wheels and lighter bike. Unfortunately the cows tore up the upper trail pretty bad. Gage was still super stoked to have cleared several sections than was never able to on his Santa Cruz.
 Not bad numbers just enough climbing with tons of descent!
 The BBQ with the family at the bottom was an awesome way to finnish the day.
Lucas hated this picture but we were carrying an awesome pace and I never really wanted to stop and take pictures. Definitely my best run down Avalanche yet. Great ride!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Cornerstone Christian ride #2

 Today was the second Cornerstone Christian School MTB field trip. We had another great turnout. Emily here was unbelievable, I really hope she sticks with it. She was giving the biggest kids a run for there money on her first mountain bike ride. I think there could be trophies in her future if she pursued it.
 Every one had such a great time. We even got a couple Mom's out today. 11 kids and 5 adults. Bike and helmets were again provided by Sonora Cyclery. Huge thank you to Brent and his family for helping to make this happen, and Poor Merit who gets stuck at the shop.

 We had to play on a side hill a little. Gage looks very serious.

 Kyle managed to not go to the hospital this time.

30 seconds after a crash Emily was up and charging past the boys again. I can't get over how much fun it is to take all these kids out in the woods. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

New shoes and another new rider

 My Giro Terraduros died again. Giro replaced two pairs already so I can't complain. I decided to try something different. Brent at Sonora Cyclery set me up with these babies, the new enduro shoe from Shimano called ME7.
 Shimano paired up with Michelin for the soles. I decided to take them out to Bell Mountain where there are plenty of opportunities for walking on slippery granite. So far I'm very impressed. They grip the rock every bit as good as a bike tire and have the most supportive footbed I've felt in a bike shoe.
 Todd's been riding up here for longer than Iv'e been mountain biking. He had never been on Bell before so as usual it dished out some suffering. He did conquer this new log ride though.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

More eyes opened.

 I've said it before but I still think one of the funnest things is showing someone new trails. I met Bill yesterday on a trail work day. He showed up and put in a day on our trails but hadn't experienced anything above Lyons lake. That didn't seem right. So today I showed him Snakedance and Herring Creek.
I think he had fun. The coolest part is every trail is going to be new for a while.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Summer is officially over, Long live Fall

 We ended our summer with a couple great trips. The kids got to experience Armstrong to Corral trail for the second time. Much faster and way funner. Jeanie loves this ride. Thanks again to Oldma's shuttle service.   
 Ashton was either grinning or talking the whole way down.
 Northstar! I love Northstar.
 Dan, Aron, Sean and I rode Yogies. Unless your a total beginner this ride should be on your bucket list. If your really good you can stop over in the Jellystone Jump park on your way down.
 Gage got a new Trek Fuel EX5 from Sonora Cyclery so  we had to take it down Snakedance for a shakedown.
 Ashton moved up to Gage's Pitch. Both kids were stoked to be riding a new bike. There really isn't anything like getting a new bike. Thanks Brent.
 Even though Jeanie is on her "Beater" Knolly she managed to have a great time as well.
 About once a year I ride Glacier just so I don't start thinking I have skill. This trail humbles me every time. Lucas here is showing me the line.
 We took a quick trip over to Mammoth last weekend. We got over there late but still managed to Squeeze a shuttle down Lower Rock Creek, with 20 minuets of daylight to spare. Probably the funnest trail I know. 
 One of the funnest ways to spend a day is riding Mammoth Mountain. I think everybody's skill level went up a notch.
 Gage was ripping it up!
 We played on a ton of wooden features.
 Ashton loves the table tops.
 Ashton did so good he though he could slay the Mammoth.
 We did a mountain bike field trip for Cornerstone Cristian School. It was a huge success.
 Kyle had a blast even though he ended up with 8 stitches. I'm pretty sure he will be back for more anyway.
 I think Angelino's face says it all. This was the bonus ride. There was a total of ten kids and 3 adults. Sonora Cyclery was nice enough to provide free rental bikes and helmets for those who needed them.

Yesterday Brent and I forced Lucas to ride Milo's Run with us. The description was: uphill for almost forever followed by a gnarly hike a bike, ride the jeep trail over Lyons butt, then down the super trashy/rocky brutal downhill, to the never ending sandy uphill road back to the car, followed by semi flat home brew. Awesome day! Not sure why everyone doesn't ride this. Seriously, it is one of my favorite rides up here. Lucas had fun, I'm pretty sure.  

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Bell Mountain

 The only thing better than taking someone on a trail for the first time is taking them down the granite on Bell Mountain for the first time. Lucas and I have been introducing Brent from Sonora Cyclery to the amazing trails we have up here. When we first started this ride I could tell Brent was not impressed. After the two big granite sections he was all smiles. Today was the first time I made the 90 degree turn at the bottom of this slab so I was super stoked myself.
Bell Mountain has a huge variety of terrain and scenery. The only "bad" thing about this ride is that it would be over a lot of people's heads. 

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Father's day 2016

Happy Father's day to Lucas and I.
Our families made it possible for us to have an awesome day. We started with a climb up to the top of PCP and then rode  all way down to Spring Gap. Gage joined us for the final bit to Sandbar. Our awesome families had coolers full of beer and burgers to grill waiting for us. A super relaxing end to a killer ride.
5 hours, 2561ft gain, 6237ft descent

Ps. Computer issues have kept me from posting for almost a year. Hopefully the problems are solved.