Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Off to Bend

We didn't think it was going to be possible  to go to Bend this year and we were having a hard time with it. A major portion of our conversations on rides and with friends end up talking about Bend at one point or another. It is that cool of a place. We decided that a shorter trip was better than no trip so tomorrow we are gone. All of a sudden 100 miles of suffering is in my near future.
One of my only complaints on my 429 is that it will drop the chain on rough terrain. In last years 100 miler it came off a few times. Nothing kills your flow like having to get off the bike and fix something at the bottom of a downhill. I bought this chain guide from Bionicon. Hopefully this will solve my issues.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


 Sometimes maps can be misleading, and descriptions can leave out a lot of suffering. Lucas and I took on this particular adventure. What it doesn't tell you is half of the "downhill" from the reservoir is border line unhikeable with a 35lb bike in your hands. them when you get to the trail it is totally blown out dg sand. By the time we got to Kennedy I had been out of water for 3 hours, Lucas 2. 
7.5 hrs later we really enjoyed our beer.      
 The views on this ride were amazing. You can see Lucas is real happy about where we are going next.
He did find the house he was looking to buy. Great location, no neighbors, rough road though.

Thursday, July 3, 2014


 About a week ago we decided that we were going to go to Bend in spite of all the things that have been going on in our lives lately. This means that I have a 100 mile race that I really haven't been training for in my very near future. I have been trying to get in as many miles as possible. Tuesday I couldn't handle the idea of riding in 101 degree weather so I headed up to Eagle Meadows. This photo is about half way up the Eagle pass trail. Eagle peak is right above my bike.
 I have been talking about getting to the top of this trail for about 8 years.
 The view alone was worth the hike a bike.
8960' thats why I was tired, not because I'm out of shape.

Monday, June 30, 2014

3 Months!

 I knew I was neglecting this blog but I can't believe it's been three months sense my last posting. Sorry to anyone who actually follows me. 
These Continentals we're replacements for the two defective tires I got from Interbike. The customer service people are awesome at Continental. I am trying them out on my Lynskey single speed right now. It's got some steep competition because every tire is now compared to the Schwalbe Hans Dampf.  I'll just have to see how it stacks up long term.
 Sean signed Sergio himself and I up for the Bogg's 8 hr. This is one of the funnest races/events I have ever attended. We raced it as a three man single speed team.
 Random racers.
 Sean cranking out some impressive lap times.
 Fortunately Tutu's were optional.
 Sergio got kinda screwed, we made him do 5 laps and Sean and I only did 3.
 What do you mean we didn't podium?
 Fourth out of six is still fourth. Can you guess who's laps were who's?
 We actually had a storm this year, Katie and I had to get out in it.
 I forgot this picture. Boggs is the only race I know with this aid station.
 This is last week. I can't believe Lyons is still full. 
 Lucas and I went on the first real ride Iv'e been on in a while. Here he is playing on Bell Mt. One of my favorite rides up here. It felt great to be so far out in the woods and scared shitless while grinning all the way down.
 This morning I took out a new guy from work that said "There's no good trails up here". Couldn't have told someone worse. Now I'm going to drag his butt all over every piece of granite and dirt we have.
 This afternoon I had to take the Family up to Ridge trail. 
 Everybody had a blast. It was the hottest day so far so after the ride we jumped in Pinecrest lake.
 Nothing like a shuttled DH to put a smile on your face.
Except maybe a post ride brew. I bolted up a full XTR drive on Jeanie's Knolly and asked her how she liked it. Did she appreciate the beer more than the drive?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Work saved Tom

 Sean and I were going to take Tom up to North Yuba on Sunday, but he got stuck working. I think that saved him. On our way up there we read a trail report saying the lower section was impassable. So we rode the top portion from Downieville to Goodyears Bar then crossed the highway to Halls ranch trail. I've been looking at this ride for 7 years but it never worked out. The climb up Halls ranch has to be one of the worst climbs I can remember. After pedaling as far as we could stand it we still pushed for another 45min. The only good thing about walking our bikes was that it freed up a hand to swipe the face flies away. We kept telling ourselves the down hill will be worth it. If we  been exhausted that might have been true. At the to you turn on Fiddle creek trail. What we did not know was the name of the trail is actually Fiddle Creek ridge trail. So our "downhill" was infested with gut punching climbs that we just didn't even try to pedal up.
If there is another way to the top of Fiddle Creek trail we may go back someday but I don't ever see myself climbing Halls Ranch again. The views from the top are pretty cool but there are so many better trails in Downieville it's just not worth it. In this picture I think Packers Saddle is right behind my head. It ended up taking over 4 fours to go 30 miles. The crazy part was the first 10.5 miles was on pavement and only gained a couple hundred feet. It was about 3800 ft. of gain in 20 miles of brutal trail.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sandy Ridge

 Last Sunday I was in Portland for the weekend and managed to squeeze an amazing ride in. If you are ever driving through the Portland area make sure you take your bike and allow a couple hours to check out the Sandy Ridge trail system. This place is amazing! Mammoth Mt. wishes it's trails were like these.  The trails were built in conjunction with I.M.B.A. and use all the latest ideas. I rode here a couple years ago when it was still new. Now the flow and speeds on the bedded in trails are unbelievable. You can see how sculpted the berms are behind my bike, and this is the way up. I couldn't bring myself to stop and take a picture on the trail down.
As you can see the creek crossings don't slow you down one bit. The coolest thing about the trail system is that you could ride it on any bike at any skill level. Bigger bikes and better skill just means you jump farther and go faster. I saw a single speed rider tearing it up and I saw a 7 year old out riding with his Dad. Sandy Ridge is really a mandatory stop of your in the area (Bobby on your way to Washington).

Monday, March 10, 2014

Cool 2014

 Racing season has begun. This years version of "The Coolest Mountain Bike race" was one of the best  I've participated in. The weather was awesome. The trail was super muddy but that just made it more fun. 
 The Boys were stoked to be out on the bikes.
 Think Ashton likes green?
 The kids race was loaded this year
 I think Gage was happy he didn't do the adult course this year.
 Tongue out is definitely faster.
 Sean grunting out a third in his class. 
 Single speed was a good choice for all the goo. If you look over my shoulder you can see the drome the N.S.A. is using to spy on mountain bikers. Who needs course Marshals.

 Only a hundred yards to go.
 The Tebb's owning the tandem category. 
 Sean's first time on a podium. Congratulations! 
 Everybody had a blast.
Gage had so much fun he slept half of the drive home in the shirt he won in the raffle.