Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Pre BC

 The last couple months the BC bike race has been clouding my mind on and off the bike. I've managed to get up to 4 and five rides a week. Here Gage met me at Lyons lake.
 Bobby and I took a couple of guy's on "the best ride I've ever been on". according to Terry, (left).
 Can't help taking pictures on the Castle Meadow trail. Unfortunately I spent 30 min tightening spokes on my rear wheel. I totally believe the wheels are the weak link on the Enduro.
 Lucas and I climbed Castle again. He wasn't interested in trail, just shrooms.
 There has to be more around here.
 It's hard to explain the scenery up here to anyone who hasn't experienced it already.
 My goal for this and the last ride on this loop were to spend some time dialing in my suspension before BC. Unfortunately the last ride had me playing with loose spokes. This ride ended not long after this shot with a striped hub body, and a lot of walking.
 I very carefully took my XC bike and got a few runs in with the family for Father's Day.
 Snakedance is one of my families favorite trails.
 Ashton = manly yet sweet

"Look there's more trail up there"
 Gage was so excited to be riding PCP for the first time in 3 years.

 The dirt was too lose to hit the drop.
 He had a blast. Everybody loves PCP.
 This is the Achilles heal of the Enduro. If you buy one plan on upgrading the wheels. If you look real close you can see DT Swiss on the hub. What it doesn't tell you is the DT Swiss internals are the lowest  end and are still way stronger than the Roval outer shell their threaded into. I striped all the threads out of the shell. Fifth hub I've done that to in 8 years of mountain biking.  
The real solution is new wheels with King hubs in the middle. That's not in my budget right now so luckily Dan at Victory Vello warrantied the wheel on the spot and I'm ready for BC. You can see I upgraded to Saint brakes. With only one ride on them so far I am finally happy with a set of mountain bike brakes. We'll see how they handle Whistler. I mounted up a set of Schwalbe Hans Damf's to make sure there were no excuses on the bike's part. Sean, Aarron, Dan and I start our trek to BC tomorrow. Should be one of the funner road trips I've been on. First stop Plains of Abraham, Mt. St. Helens.

Monday, June 1, 2015

May, out with a bang!

 Friday before last Sean and I went to Demo for a little suspension adjustment. We had so much fun the only picture I took was of this turkey tail mushroom on the first climb. We rode Brail trail on our first run and stopped about 6 times to adjust our suspension. By the time we got to the bottom our bikes were floating over everything. Our next loop we rode the whole Flow trail. They just finished the last section of this trail. It is so long and has so many G outs that we had to stop half way to the bottom and let our legs recover. Amazing trail!
 Then last Monday Dan shut down the shop for a shuttle day in Downieville. Probably the funnest thing you can do on two wheels.
 We ended up with 16 people freight training down the most awesome trails around. It was the tightest line I have ever ridden in. Every one hauled ass down hill. Most sections there was only a foot between riders.
 Finally we decide to race the Lost and Found 100 mile gravel grinder.
 Nothing like a couple hundred CX riders to let you know how out of shape you are. CX magazine rated this as a top 25 on every riders bucket list. 
 Sean and Jeanie were worried that I died. 
 I thought I did. That may have been the hardest race I have ever done.
 It was brutal but I can't think of any ride or drive that had more beautiful. We started here on the shore of lake Davis outside Portola.   
How many rides do you see this on? But really it was so F@#$%^g hard! The last 23 miles were like a constant kick in the nuts.  I can't wait until next year!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Round Two

 Sean and I are racing the Lost And Found on the 30th. We're doing the 100 mile version, so my focus has been on distance the last couple of weeks. After Lucas and I checked out the route last week I was eager to show Sean. Looks like 46 miles and 5400 ft of gain. The best part about this loop is it is mostly down hill to my house at the end.
 The knight fire is incredible. There is no way to get a picture and do it justice. 
It's hard to imagine it being colder than last Friday but it was, by a lot! We had a great ride and both agreed it is great training ride. Lucas mysteriously was absent from this ride. I'm not sure he will ever show up to any ride I refer to as a grinder again. This photo was approximately 30 seconds before two pints of Fort George epic IPA were enjoyed. Thanks for the beer Sean. 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Kicking off May

 The first ride I did this month was in Deer Creek. I spotted these bird on the very bottom of Pinball. You can't see the others in the photo but there was at least 5 other birds swooping around this one.
 I talked Tom into riding somewhere other than Red Hills. We did the Sand Bar loop. If you didn't have to drive to the bottom of the canyon I think this would be one of the best rides up here.
 The boy's and I raced the Nevada City dirt classic. I think Gage was tired.
 I rode the single speed. 
 I took Lucas on a dirt road ride. He still looks happy here.
 We rode through the Knight fire. The scenery was amazing. He looks sort of happy, doesn't totally hate me yet.
 The weather kept getting colder on us. I think he hates me now.
 Even the bears were out playing in the snow.
 Ashton was happy to finnish his race. We forgot to rase his seat after playing at Exchequer so he was struggling the whole time.
They say it's lonely at the top, but it's really lonely when no one else is in your calss. Oh well I got first. If I would have raced my age class I still would have made the podium so I'm ok with that.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Sea Otter

Sea Otter time again.
 I don't think Ashton was happy about the start time or the temperature.
 Sean and I raced the XC on the last day
 Ashton won his kids race.
 Gage was second in his.
 The kids had a ball, literally!
 Free T shirts!
 Breanna and Gage both raced the downhill on Saturday.
 I want to see this guy race in that thing.
 They really do a lot for kids.
 Almost 4000 racers took off from that line Sunday.
 The Tebbs killing it for second place.
Sea Otter is a lot for everyone.