Wednesday, October 22, 2014

City people suck!

After my boy's did the Super Kids Triathlon we took them to Pizza. We parked in a super busy parking lot in front of Trader Joe's in Santa Cruz. This is what we came out to. You can't tell me that know one saw two bikes getting cut off our rack. There was so many cars we had trouble taking pictures. Santa Cruz PD didn't really care they want us to file a report on line. I watched the people coming in and out of the area and the taxi driver seemed real interested in what we were doing. It wouldn't surprise me if they weren't spotting for the thieves. I guess we have been lucky so far but the kids were totally crushed.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Oakhurst and Auburn

 I would like to have shown you the pictures from riding in Oakherst but I deleted the picture before they were saved. I rode Mary Jane, Willow creek, and three sections of 007. I like the Pinecrest trails way better but if you are near there you should check it out. 
 Before you go you absolutely have to get this map. But don't wash it like I did water proof not washer proof. Stop in to Yosemite Bicycle and Sport on HWY41. The guys there are super friendly and are more than willing to tell you all about the trails and bikes or anything else. You will however get lost. The map is actually pretty good but there are virtually zero markings on any of the trails and the roads are almost as bad. I almost destroyed this map on the trail unfolding and refolding over and over. I don't think I have ever had to refer to a map so many times in a ride. 
If you do go and you like the Pinecrest area I suggest the Mary Jane/Willow Creek run. 007 has more of a rough jump trail feel to it with not enough flow for me. I will be spending more time over there so I will try to explore more of the system.
 Today Sean and I went up Auburn. We started off with a loop of; Manzanita,Clementine,Tunnel,Mammoth Bar, and Stagecoach on the single speeds. That hurt more than it should have. Then I demoed a Specialized Enduro Epic on the same loop. 
This bike is scary fast! I got yelled at, apparently there is a speed limit on Stagecoach. It is so hard not to let this thing go. The less you touch the brakes the more it will blow your mind. It eats everything in it's path faster and smoother with less effort than my Uzzi DH bike did. I found myself trying to find the    trashiest parts of the trail just to see what it is capable of. As of now it's limits are far beyond mine. Oh yeah it climbs pretty dam good too. But you will forget all about that at the top.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Feeling Fall

 "Dude your standing in Poison Oak." Nothing like "friends" to smile when pain and suffering are coming your way. Sean and Sergio and I met up with Arch to ride Annadel. My first ride in the fog this year.
Lucas and I took advantage of the rain and made a run on PCP. It was so cold we pulled out the wool sock and had to put on jackets for the descent. The sand was sticky and we had the whole thing to ourselves. Awesome day on the upper mountain. I hope we get a few more before the snow hits. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Kicking off the end of summer

 Dan from Victory Vello came down for Labor Day to ride some new terrain. I took him up to our version of mountain biking paradise. Awesome ride, I just wish I could have kept up.
 After climbing Lupine and Castle peak we descended; Upper Willow, Lower Willow, Snakedance, and Lower PCP. So tired!
 The next day Dan and I took our oldest boys for a shuttle down Ridge. Gage is loving the lava.
 It was Devon's first experience with technical trail but he did great.
 The new section has made Ridge trail much more fun for kids and adults. 
 Last weekend Sean and I ran down to Santa Cruz and rode Demo for the day. It was cool reading MTBR's Enduro Comparo after riding the same trails they used for their evaluations. 
 So many things to ride on, you just have to make sure you can handle the landing before you go off it. this is one of the mellow log rides. 
If you knew the place you could jump this pretty safely. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

New trails and Scary trails

 When I first heard about Lupine and Castle rock trails my first thought was why. They are climbing trails that are easily serviced by existing roads. After riding them with Lucas on Sunday however I am going to have a hard time riding the road ever again. 
 The views we're  amazing and the climb wasn't really that bad.
 There is no way a camera can do justice to the 360 view up here.
Then we rode Hemlock and Juniper, hands down the scariest tech trails up here. Lucas rode way more than I did. I have to learn how to sideline that self preservation gene.  Next time I'm bringing body armor and hopefully some courage. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014


 This weekend I had my view of Mammoth Mt. changed completely. The first time I went there with Stoker and Bobby and I thought the trails were weak and the shuttle sucked. This time I took the family and the whole place opened up for me. Every trail that I thought needed to be more aggressive became perfect for the kids. Just hard enough to be a challenge. everybody had a blast, really couldn't have been a better day riding. 
 I was worried that the top of the mountain would scare Ashton and Jeanie but they both loved every bit.
 Ashton was happy to use his DH gear that he got for his birthday, finally.
 Jeanie's Knolly was putting smiles on her face all day. This bike is amazing!
 Gage wanted to ride a black diamond trail so I took him down Seven Bridges. It was our favorite trail.
 After lunch we rode Seven Bridges again.
 This morning we got up early to squeeze one more ride in. Down town and Shotgun.
 "Were riding SHOTGUN?"
 I took Wendel out for his first trail ride. It was a bit of an eye opener but he did well and had fun, I think? We'll see if he goes out again.
If you like mountain bikes I highly recommend taking the family to Mammoth. There is a ton of stuff to do in the village if you have non riders in your group. After your ride stop by Mammoth Brewing for your after ride reward.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Off to Bend

We didn't think it was going to be possible  to go to Bend this year and we were having a hard time with it. A major portion of our conversations on rides and with friends end up talking about Bend at one point or another. It is that cool of a place. We decided that a shorter trip was better than no trip so tomorrow we are gone. All of a sudden 100 miles of suffering is in my near future.
One of my only complaints on my 429 is that it will drop the chain on rough terrain. In last years 100 miler it came off a few times. Nothing kills your flow like having to get off the bike and fix something at the bottom of a downhill. I bought this chain guide from Bionicon. Hopefully this will solve my issues.